Visit Rome, Italy with your spouse and make for a romantic getaway.

Rome is the top destination of Italy rather entire Europe. The place is the compilation of historic sites, masterpieces, and cuisines. You will find pilgrimage places to romantic views all at one place.

Assisi Church: A small historic city to explore

The city offers best landmark in the form of the castle Assisi Church. It is constructed for honoring St. Francis after canonization take place in the year 1228. The wall of the castle represents Tuscan school art back to the Middle Ages. The church saint is worshipped here.

The Florence Cathedral: The wonderland for art lovers

This cathedral is the best work of the Renaissance times. You will also get views of the Piazza della Signoria which is apes the David is standing tall to Palazzo Vecchio. You will come across various examples of art by artists like Leonardo da Vinci.

The Colosseum And The Arch Of Constantine: The largest structure by Romans

Just as Eiffel Tower is to Paris in the same way, Arch of Constantine is in Rome. This forms the largest structure that Romans gave to us and is still the model for football players. The Colisseum in Rome has large space for festivals, circus, theatre performance, etc.

The Pantheon: Most preserved monument of Romans

The Pantheon is as it is for the last 2000 years. This is the fact that Pope Gregory III has removed the bronze roof tiles and later Pope Urban VIII made orders for  bronze roof stripped which gets melted down to canopy for the church of Sant’Angelo.

Centro Storico & The Spanish Steps: The history centre of Rome

The Centro Storico has a church and various resplendent palaces, lively squares that you can spend your entire day here.  It is the known place for experiencing Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, and the Basilica. You will find great work of the known painters.