My favorite places To Visit In Wales

This is a small part of the component countries that make up Britain. Wales offers several reasons that make it a popular place for travelers. Cardiff is a cosmopolitan place that lies to the south of the region and acts as a base for those who wish to explore this country. There is stunning scenery, historic buildings and splendid castles that make Wales a worthwhile place to visit.


This is a place that is in Gwynedd County where there are hills and mountains which comprise of 14 peaks that soar to heights of 3000 ft. Snowdonia national park offers climbing and hiking trails as well as the Bala Lake that is popular as well. The area also has associations with the King Arthur legends.


This is a popular resort town by the sea in Wales.  It is also known as Queen of Welsh Resorts. With spectacular views of the Irish Sea, it lies between the Great Orme and Welsh mainland. The promenade of this town with its line of cafes and shops makes it a beautiful and popular place to visit.

Haford Estate and Devil’s Bridge

One can take a day trip from Aberystwyth to Devil’s Bridge where one will see River Mynach which plunges to about 300 ft in a valley below. There is the Falls Nature Trail to discover here as well as the Jacob’s ladder or the Haford Estate which is a 200 acres of woodland area and comprises of gardens that have been here from the 18th century.

Brecon Beacons National Park

This is a hiker’s paradise that is located in the Black Mountains. The park has several waterfalls and caves to explore such as the Henryd Falls that is located by Coelbren.

Caernarfon castle

This is a castle which formed the seat of the first Prince of Wales built by King Edward in the 13th century.

Wales also has an extensive network of heritage railway lines which take you through the numerous landmarks of the region as well as castles and seaside towns in this region. A notable railway line is the Ffestiniog railway that is 14 miles long. This railway line runs through the Snowdonia National Park.