Edinburgh, Scotland: The Eye-Catching Views Are The Main Attraction

The name Edinburg brings the image of green grass, Tartan Sea, pubs and lots more. The city has lots of things to offer and this is why it becomes eye-catching city in the entire Europe.

Royal Botanic Garden: Find peace and serenity in bulk

Do you want to give rest to your feet? Come and visit Royal Botanic Garden situated in Scotland. The garden is constructed on 70 acres of land with impressive foliage. It has three thousand plants from various parts of the world.

Camera Obscura: Children’s favorite place to visit

If you are a family person and travelling with your kids then take a move to Edinburgh. It is the place full of illusions. The place is located top of the Royal Mile which has immense of games, puzzles, and illusions for kids’ entertainment. It was opened in 1835.

Edinburgh Castle: World’s heritage site

Edinburg is known for several fantastic places and one of them is Edinburgh Castle. The value of the place suddenly increased after it was voted as one of the known sites of UK Heritage Attraction points.

Ghost Tour by Vintage BusCheck out the adventurous moment

If you are an adventurous person then do not miss the chance to enter into a Ghost tour. It is a tour with a difference. It comprises of tales of ghosts, criminals, and different ghouls. Once you visit the place, you will start trembling with fear, especially when robbers turn into burke, hare and various serial killers.

Linlithgow Palace: The birth place of Queen Mary of Scotland

If you wanted to go back in history, then Linlithgow Palace, situated in Edinburgh is the most known places you must take a visit to. It comprises of stone fountain, which flow the wine. It is extremely big in size.