Cannes – The Most Flamboyant City In France

Cannes is a city that doesn’t need an introduction. Famed for its annual Film Festival, the city continues to be one of the most-visited places in France. Our family trip to Cannes was a luxurious holiday experience. The city has an ancient history that dates back to 2nd century BC. Although there are many historic sites in the city, the place is better known for its traditional theatre, art, and music. In this review, I would like to share my views on the best places in Cannes.

  • Lérins Islands

Lérins Islands are a group of beautiful Mediterranean islands that serve as a tranquil getaway from the noisy environment of the city. The exotic beaches are quite clean and rocky. There are a few snorkeling beaches that are frequented by many local tourists. The islands have many historic sites and buildings that are associated with interesting facts, historical events, and legends. Our tour guide was quite informative and took us to a few interesting places, including the Museum of the Sea and the remnants of an 11th-century monastery.

  • Le Suquet

Popularly known as the Old Town, Le Suquet is a well-preserved part of the city that comprise cobbled winding lanes and buildings that are around 400 years old. It is also known as the “old quarter of Cannes”. You can find many tourists roaming in this area. There are also many old-fashioned restaurants and pubs in this area that offer traditional French food and refreshments.

  • Fort Royal

Fort Royal is a fortress prison located in the Île Sainte-Marguerite. It is the largest island among the group of Lérins Islands. The fort is associated with the legend of “the man in the iron mask”. It relates to a 17th century prisoner who was imprisoned here for 11 years. No one knows the identity of this mysterious prisoner and there are many local stories associated with the event. The views from the fortress are very beautiful and there is also a museum that exhibits the relics of medieval trade in this region.