Finding The Range Of Top Attractions in Krakow

The second largest city of Poland is Krakow. It is scattered over the river Vistula and gives a huge range of attractive things. The city has a strong history comprises of architectural towns, parks, districts, and bridges. Check out the destinations to visit in Krakow:

Ogrodzieniec Castle: The landmark with immensity of history

This beautiful castle is not just the ordinary castle. It is a known and attractive landmark which was built in 14th century. It gives the attractive views of the upland of the whole city. You will find the remains of the chamber; find the views of castles etc.

Main Square: Indulge in traditional breakfast

The Main Square is the heart of the city. It is scattered 10 acres all over. It is one of the biggest markets of Europe. The market is surrounded by peach and yellow colored buildings.

Wawel Royal Castle: Get the mesmerizing view

Inside the castle, you will find the iconic view. One can easily walk the castle, which is impressive and attractive both. The castle consisted of several spires and fairy tale windows. It is said that outside windows is the view of dragon which was once said to be the cave at the foothill.

St. Mary’s Basilica: Experience the lavishness

The brickwork of the church is extremely mesmerizing. The church is the most attractive place to visit in Krakow, especially those who are in love with art. Besides this, there is wooden altar as well as a stained glass window which make the church beautiful. The paintings on the wall form the greatest part of the castle. 

Church of St. Adalbert: Another castle which you yearn to experience once

This is 1000 years old church, found almost in 11th century. It is available at Main Square. The attractive part is that the church is built by the merchants who have spent enough of the time in businesses.